tiistaina, joulukuuta 27, 2005

Tolerance gone crazy

Piglet (in Finnish Nasu) the friend of Winnieh the Pooh has been banned from British government offices in the name of tolerance. And yes, it is not April's Fools today. Read the original statement here. Thanks to Michelle for the info.

On a related note: Jyllands Post published 12 satirical cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. The result: International community is pressuring the Danish government to Make. Them. Stop. In addition the cartoonists have received death threats and the news paper bombing threats. I guess bombing a news paper office is also an act of tolerance toward muslims.

Consider the difference in mind set: A person from Tunisia with muslim upbringing depicts Virgin Mary barebreasted and gets money to do that from Dutch government. Catholics protest, but he need not worry about being killed for doing this blasphemous act. On the other hand, Theo van Gogh lost his life, because he published a photo of backs of naked women with verses of Quran written in them. (via)

You are either for people getting murdered for expressing themselves, or against it. There is and can be no middle ground in this conflict. And the conflict will only be over after Islam gets reformed into a nicer and more modern religion, or loses its adherents, or after the western culture and society is destroyed.

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