perjantaina, joulukuuta 16, 2005

Kick France out of EU

Could we? If I say pretty, pretty please? I'll say uncle too, if that's what it takes.

It seems that the only thing that might do any good in the current CAP debate is the UK rebate. I wish they don't give it up lightly. Blair is trying hard to get other EU countries to accept cuts to CAP with little luck. Mostly, because of France. France is also the country blocking negotiations in WTO about agricultural trade liberalization. EU would be a better place without France.

Unfortunately though, Finland is also one of the bad guys in this debate and only trying to maximize the agricultural subsidies given to the country. Why couldn't we for once, when Sweden is doing something right, follow their lead, as we do always when they have bad ideas (such as criminalizing buying services from prostitutes)?

So this year, dear Santa, I only wish that EU stops all agricultural subsidies and tariffs and if that's too much, I'll settle for France getting kicked out from EU. And please, let the british keep their rebate until they can get other EU countries to agree to some real reforms in this area.

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