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Letter to Tony Blair

Following the current debate about EU budget, I decided something had to be done. The main person pushing for agricultural reform in EU is Tony Blair, who has been trying to force changes to the budget by using the british EU rebate as a bargaining chip. France, of course, is saying that they should give it all up without any reform to the EU budget or farm subsidies. I certainly hope that Tony Blair and Britain do not bend under pressure. Thus, the letter.

If you want to make a difference, send a letter to those who are pushing for reform to encourage them, or to those opposing changes. And do it now, the negotiations are already under way and there is tremendous pressure to make headway.

The letter I sent:

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to you, because you are the only one I see with any hope of getting any reforms done in the European agricultural subsidy policy (CAP). I expressly wish to inform you as a Finnish citizen that I appreciate your efforts to reform the European Union budget and your efforts to bring a deal in WTO that would bring wealth and prosperity to many developing countries.

I wish you and United Kingdom to hold on to the rebate as a bargaining chip, not to be sold lightly, but only when other countries are willing to make major readjustments to the European Union budget. For the rebate seems to be the only thing that may enable the real reforms that need to be done and if it is given out, there may not be new possibilities for that in a long time.

Thank you for all your work towards better EU and better world.

Mikko Särelä

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