sunnuntaina, syyskuuta 25, 2005

Home, sweet home!

I just got back home last night after spending a week in Italy. It was fun, I learned some interesting things (I was there attending a summer school, so it was a kind of a business trip) and totally exhausting. 8-10 hours of lectures every day and then lots and lots of food and alcohol on top of that with strange people. They were fun, I had fun, but it's good to be home. Exhausting.

I'll continue with my views on the new proposed budget for the Finnish government later, when I have time and feel refreshed enough.

2 kommenttia:

Paula kirjoitti...

Whereabout in Italy were you?

Must have been pretty nice indeed, this time of year. Oh yes, and the food is divine.

Mikko Särelä kirjoitti...

I was in Bertinoro, Forli. That's about 20km west from Rimini. The university center was on a hilltop castle and on good weather you could just see the sea.

Yes, it was divine. I can't wait to get back. Luckily for me, I'll be going to Rome in October :)