keskiviikkona, marraskuuta 02, 2005


It seems that Serenity won't be coming to theaters in Finland. A shame, though I would not have been here to see it anyway. Some of my friends are planning on making a trip to Tallinn to see it. I would too, were I to stay. I hope I'll be able to find a movie theater in San Diego that still plays it - I'm not too hopeful though. It had its premier at the end of September (I think) and it'll take a month before I'm in San Diego.

I'm still thinking what to do about Serenity. I'm currently boicotting copy protected material, so I don't want to buy the dvd. I can't get into the theater to see it and I won't download it from the net, because that would be so wrong to Joss Whedon and the actors. I'll have to think whether I allow myself to rent movies, or not - that might solve the problem.

Note to myself: I have to start finding necessary links for surviving in San Diego area. At least movie theaters, route planners, apartment rental places, local news paper, etc. Suggestions on other resources that I need links to appreciated. Also other ideas how to prepare for living abroad (never done that before) truly appreciated.

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