keskiviikkona, marraskuuta 16, 2005

Psyche of Id

Whilst supposedly preparing presentation, I learned a few things about myself. Or more like put together a few pieces of a puzzle I've known for a long time. Today, I decided to stay at home and work on my presentation to save the half an hour it takes me to get to work. A busy day today.

When I went out for a lunch I was feeling sad, or perhaps melancholy. It's not really such a bad feeling, it just makes me want to wallow in the feeling and do nothing else. Earlier, this is pretty much what I would have called autumn depression. Autumn, it is still autumn here even though it's already mid November and yesterday we had a big storm. Going out for a walk in Ruoholahti with Iiro was definitely worth it, even though I didn't have the right clothing for such extreme sport.

So going about my lunch business, I was melancholic and I noticed that the feelings actually comes from not moving around enough. Stretching myself, walking about a little in the fresh outdoors made me feel much better. So I'll have to remember to go down to the gym, or a walk even on days I work from home. Makes me feel much better.

On a side note, still have much to do to finish the presentation. So back to work it is with a brighter mind.

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