maanantaina, elokuuta 15, 2005


I just finished watching "The Farm" the episode 205 of tv series Battlestar Galactica, the latest to have come out. I watched the first season last spring and was hooked, right from the beginning.

I loved Galactica when I was a kid. We used to watch it with my older brother and then make fighters and ships from legos and play at being Galactica. Still I don't think I want to see the old series again. It's too 70s for me. Too, how would I put it, naive, in its own way. And I don't say that meaning anything bad, it was a great show but for me it's history. I really like the new one and what they've done with it.

But I was not going to write about the old Galactica. Instead, I just remember to say that this Galactica is the only tv show I currently have any patience at following. I watched and liked Carnevale while it lasted - I heard that there's not going to be a third season, though I'm not sure. I tried Deadwood. Watched it like 4-5 episodes and didn't like it. Something was missing there that little something that makes you wait for the next episode and want to watch the next and then the next and so on.

I never really got into Star Trek. They (all the different series in the universe) are too naive and 70s for me as well. I did like babylon five tremendously. I'm sad that Firefly didn't take off as a series at first try; I loved it. Hope the movie makes a gazillion dollars and they get the series restarted.

The thing that is common in Galactica, Babylon 5 and Firefly - at least - is that they inspire this great feeling of mystery. That there is so much more in the universe that is waiting to be found out. And that you wish to find out all the things the series will tell you. They are quite different things in each of the series above.

This feeling of mystery is something I look for and crave for in a tv-series, in a movie, in a book, in a comic book. I guess that's the main reason why I've read so much fantasy and still sometimes do. Though nowadays I need to find fantasy from the fringe, something different, something new. Because the old stories of knights in their shining armors, wizards chanting their spells, and barbarians raising their battle axes and boozing off, no longer create that mystery.

Mystery, perhaps I should re-name the title of this post originally named Battlestar Galactica (how original).

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