keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 04, 2005


I just spent fifteen minutes in a shower and wrote the perfect blog entry of my thoughts - in my thoughts. Unfortunately I didn't have a laptop with me so you'll have to do with this one instead. :) I'll try and see how much of my ideas I can grasp.

My vacation is going well, though yesterday evening I had this primitive urge complaining to me for not working. There's some deadlines coming up in August for which lots and lots of work needs to be done. I determinedly pushed those thoughts away and decided not to think of work anymore this week - except on Friday when we have this paper reading club.

I also remembered that I'm very much the kind of guy who always has many many things he has to accomplish. I must do this and I must do that. And since I don't have much self discipline, they never end up getting done. Instead I try to get myself to want to do them through some inherent interestingness of theirs. It often takes a little time, which makes me kind of slow in many ways. It also makes me an unreliable person in a sense, since if I don't find that inner motivation, things don't get done. And no, most of the time, cane, nor carrot work as a motivation for me.

So instead, I try to find things that are interesting enough to work on and to then find enough interest to work on them. Sometimes I'm getting quite good at doing things this way.

On another note, I thought about my life as a kid with my siblings the other day. Lots of thinking there and I guess there'll be somethings I'll have to do. One way, or another. Not yet quite sure how much I want to write here, because things involve my siblings. Comments, on how to draw the line between my life and what I want to publish and the lives of those close to me, welcome.

Vacation going well and pretty much as planned. I had Tarania eating dinner here on Monday. Yesterday went to Harmonia and did some lunch there with friends. Today Anu is coming over for dinner. I'll only have to figure out some company to eat my cookings for 4 more days.

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