lauantaina, elokuuta 19, 2006


No, not mine. Juha got his revenge by feeding me a large class of Riga
Balsam. It tastes awful and as he said, years ago, it's so awful you just
have to swallow it all with one gulp. Today, I have a hangover. Thank you,

We also did an hour of Megazone yesterday. I was surprised that for the first half an hour game I could walk around with my knees bent really low and final scorecard said I was 5/16. Not bad, considering I never was any good in the game. During the second half, my legs started complaining, though not badly, but enough, and I ended up losing a few positions. Megazone was fun, might want to do that again later.

In the after sauna we talked about changing rules of Megazone and ended up with rules of splatterm, and our discussion also touched anarchists totally opposed to military service and then go to the woods to train how to over throw the government. Funnily, in this thing I agree with the anarchists - no, not the destroying government via revolution, but in disbanding the compulsory military service.

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