perjantaina, elokuuta 25, 2006

Lies our press told us


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

"Is the media that gullible -- or does it have a political bias? Either way, its credibility has now been lost."

I'd really like to know where the person who wrote that has been living for the last years. Nowadays it seems to be unfortunately common for mass media to manipulating thruth for clearly political agenda as was seen for example before the latest Iraqi war (Nigerian uranium, MWD labs in Iraq, Iraq-Al Quada link just name few) or what is currently going on with Iran. It is kinda frightening to realize that compared to those (and many more) instances the current scandal is actually quite small and insignificant :-(


Jani kirjoitti...

What about all the THOUSANDS OF DEAD CIVILIANS? Are those enough of a proof of War Crimes? Apparently one ambulance is enough to convince some people Israel/IDF is on the right track?

This it the pet of Pro-Israeli media - if you see this on the news/website its easy to tell which way they are biased.

Kaikki TUHANNET KUOLLEET SIVIILIT, libanonilaiset ja palestiinalaiset ovat kuitenkin olemassa, eivätkä vakuuta minua sekuntiakaan siitä etteikö Israelilaiset/IDF olisi syyllistynyt sotarikoksiin.

Tämä ambulanssijuttu on Pro-Israel populan lempilapsi, kädet veressä vakuutellaan että sotarikosjutut ovat aivan hömppää...