torstaina, elokuuta 31, 2006

Military Strategy

I've been reading a little bit about military logistics lately and would like to do a lot more studying on military strategy. Sources writing on military strategy do not seem to be evading me; Amazon lists few interesting looking titles with search "military strategy".

I've read my Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Machiavelli, and something about John Boyd and his ideas. Can anyone recommend any other good military strategists one should read? Strategists, mind you, not tacticians, nor operationalists. Though the latter two, well written, are welcome too.

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Jani kirjoitti...

Jos haluat oppia sotimaan... Varaudu rauhaan. ;)

Mikko Särelä kirjoitti...

Jos haluat rauhaa, ymmärrä mistä sodankäynnissä on kyse.