torstaina, elokuuta 03, 2006

I'm back - olen selkä

I'm back to Finland. After a hectic weekend of partying in Chicago, the temperature never got below 28C while I was there and on Monday it was like 40C, I flew back to Helsinki through Heathrow, London between monday and tuesday night finally arriving after 5pm on tuesday. At Heathrow I had an hour and half time to switch planes, which was plenty enough to have a long chat with the sales people of world of whiskies, purchasing two bottles, tasting several other great whiskies, and almost missing my flight to Helsinki because of that.

On the Lebanon hassle, I have a wish to make; a wish that probably is on the same category as the world peace that every Miss Something candidate has to wish in a live tv-show. My wish is that we would live in a world, where Hezbollah's actions would face more opposition and be condemned more loudly than those of Israel. That demonstrators around the world would show their opinion on Hezbollah's actions and that the worlds media would show that attacking your neighboring country without provocation cannot and will not be tolerated. I wish that bad people were held up to the same standards as good people are.

But I'm not a Miss contestant and I know that my wishes will not take root in this world. It doesn't stop me from wishing, though, nor trying.

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