torstaina, helmikuuta 05, 2009

I just noticed an interesting difference between British and Finnish parliamentary system. A small difference, one could even say just a cosmetic difference, but I digress. Watch the video.

In the Finnish parliamentary system, the prime minister stands in a position of height; above everybody else. Compare that to the position of the British prime minister. The position of height increases the (social) authority of the person and makes it harder to stand against him, putting the members of parliament at a disadvantage. Contrast this with Gordon Brown who is standing down with the members of parliament (I presume) sitting all around and above him. He truly enters a lions den going there to speak.

Would it be easier for MPs to voice their opposition to the ministers if they were standing on the bottom of the pit rather than above everybody else? Could such a small thing change the balance of power (even slightly) between the parliament and the government.

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