tiistaina, elokuuta 28, 2007

I'm currently away on a business trip and there's a lot of thinking to do. It seems to me that everytime I'm away from my love, some of the things start to look more clear. This time, my thoughts wander to things I want and I need. I've noticed that whenever we are together a whole lot, I easily lose my focus and my inner drive on things mine. And that's not good. Not for me, and not for her.

So what do I need? What do I want? Those are the questions that have been bugging me amid all the strange things amidst me.

When I get back home, I will be refreshed, more at ease with who I am and what I want. Some things I've already discovered, some still need working out. Or to be precise, some always need working out. I think a key thing here is that my wants and needs change over time, often rapidly, and I need some time alone to think and to accept the changes in me that happen. So every now and then I need to be away. Luckily my current job gives me just that opportunity.

Mental note, need to learn how to accept changes in me when I'm not away from my loved ones. Especially when I might be afraid of hurting them.

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