torstaina, lokakuuta 12, 2006

Add food and clothes to the list

My list of owned ideas was way too optimistic and short. Read this to find out how cloth design and dishes will become private property. Soon you will have to pay your fee to the hangman, if you dare to make food by yourself (though sooner and more likely a restaurant you eat at will be paying for the hangman).

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The original story comes from here:

It is long, well written and thoroughly thought-provoking. I highly recommend it.


Anonyymi kirjoitti...

How about this?
"Mapuche Indians in Chile are trying to take global software giant Microsoft to court in a legal battle which raises the question of whether anyone can ever "own" the language they speak.

he row was sparked by Microsoft's decision last month to launch its Windows software package in Mapuzugun, a Mapuche tongue spoken by around 400,000 indigenous Chileans, mostly in the south of the country.

Mapuche tribal leaders have accused the U.S. company of violating their cultural and collective heritage by translating the software into Mapuzugun without their permission."